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They say the beautiful people go to the Atlantis. Evidence of this is found on this page with pictures of Miss Universe enjoying her stay at the resort. Pictures are in slideshow format of her enjoying the Leap of Faith and The Challenger Rides. More below


Miss Universe on Water Slides at Atlantis

Miss Universe Bikini Pics at Atlantis  More Miss Universe pics

Leap of Faith video 1    The Surge video 1    The Abyss video 2    More videos of The Atlantis below


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Dolphin Video 1

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A few tips to enjoy the water experience at the Atlantis:  

I strongly recommend wearing aqua socks, sandals, or some type of water sandals. I tore up my feet on some sand in the pool and water rides. This oversight and subsequent sore feet made it difficult for me to get around during my stay.

I would get sunglass lanyards to hold the glasses.  The velocity of some of these rides could cause you to lose your sunglasses.  This happened to me and the person right behind me on a ride and fortunately one of the employees found mine about 20 minutes later. They made me take my sunglasses off on slides as you will see in some of the videos.

Atlantis News

Mayan Temple Challenger Slide video 2


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Mayan Temple Challenger Slide video 3

Dolphin videos.

Mayan Temple Challenger Slide video 2

Mayan Temple Challenger Slide video 3

Mayan Temple Serpent Slide video 1

Mayan Temple Serpent Slide video 2

The Current Ride video 5

The Current Ride video 1

The Current Ride video 2

The Current Ride video 3

The Current Ride video 4

Large Stingray at Cafe at the Great Hall of Waters







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