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Suicide Shark Follow up

12/18/08 This is a follow up to the Shark Commits Suicide story below. Our source reported that the mating season was the contributing cause to the female reef shark's death.  Apparently she wasn't interested in her male suitor and jumped out of the aquarium. 

Hotel guests were kept in the dark about the entire event.  The hotel guests that heard of it thought it was a rumor that was floating around since this took place before the ride opened.  

The few guests that bothered to ask the right people at The Atlantis were told that the shark was fine and that she was put back into the shark tank.  

It wasn't until they left the island nation that they first heard the news.of the shark went announced to hotel guests.

Thrill Seekers Have No Fear

12/19/08 To protect hotel guests, The Atlantis has placed a net in the open area of the Leap of Faith ride at the resort.  The shark jumping into the aquarium was an odd event, but the resort prefers to lean to the side of caution.

Shark Commits Suicide

12/18/08 As reported by Fox News, TMZ, and other news sources, a shark died at The Atlantis.  Sadly a female reef shark committed suicide when she jumped out of the aquarium onto the Leap of Faith water slide ride at The Atlantis. The shark died due to the chlorination in the shallow pool that greets guests at the end of the water slide (video).

This event took place early in the day prior to the ride opening. Hotel staff were still puzzled as to what would make the shark jump 18 inches out of the water to land on the slide.

The Atlantis to Layoff 800

12/11/18 As a testament to the weakening global economy, The Atlantis announced Sol Kerzner's plans to lay off 800 workers at The Atlantis.









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