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Mayan Temple Leap of Faith video 1

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Mayan Temple Leap of Faith video 2

Power Tower The Abyss video 1

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I have gone on several sites to see what other visitors thought of Atlantis and figured I would address some concerns and provide tips on how to enjoy your stay.

You can expect to have a great time.  Whether you want to simply relax by one of the many pools, enjoy Aquaventure with the numerous water rides or lazy river, spend time with the Dolphins, snorkel, or other water sports -- Atlantis has you covered.

They have world famous restaurants on the property - Cafe Martinique, Nobu, and Bobby Flay's Mesa Grill.

There is gaming on the property along with a sports book.

The food is priced on the high side.  Some other visitors were shocked by it. I think if you are staying at a hotel that has specials at $399.00, you should expect to pay a little more for food.

A can of coke or bottled water is not going to be cheap, but you have to expect that you are going to pay resort prices.

A helpful hint: if you want to say some money on soda and bottle water, walk to the convenience store or grocery store that is five minutes away from the resort. The prices you pay won't be what you pay at your local grocery store back home, but the prices will be a huge bargain compared to what you would pay at The Atlantis. The grocery store also has fresh fruit, snacks, crackers, and the like so you can save money going this route.

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Beautiful People go to Atlantis like Miss Universe

Miss Universe on Water Slides at Atlantis

Miss Universe Bikini Pics at Atlantis  More Miss Universe pics

Shark Commits Suicide at Atlantis

Leap of Faith video 1    The Surge video 1    The Abyss video 2    More videos of The Atlantis below

Most of our videos of the slides and rides are mostly from a first person view so you can feel what it is like to be on a ride at the Atlantis, Paradise Island.  This is much better than someone taking a video of someone else experiencing the ride.  Come with us as we plunge 60 feet in the near vertical drop in the famous Leap of Faith water slide found at the Mayan Temple. This ride has an equal for sudden drops, the Power Tower's The Surge located close by.  The Aquaventure is something to experience. The weather for the week we spent there was picture perfect.  We included pictures of the Atlantis experience in a slideshow format. Reviews on restaurants, opinions on Atlantis meal plan, and what to expect along with tips to enjoy your stay.

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Dolphin Video 1

What to Expect  Dining Reviews To Meal Plan or Not to Meal Plan


A few tips to enjoy the water experience at the Atlantis:  

I strongly recommend wearing aqua socks, sandals, or some type of water sandals. I tore up my feet on some sand in the pool and water rides. This oversight and subsequent sore feet made it difficult for me to get around during my stay.

I would get sunglass lanyards to hold the glasses.  The velocity of some of these rides could cause you to lose your sunglasses.  This happened to me and the person right behind me on a ride and fortunately one of the employees found mine about 20 minutes later. They made me take my sunglasses off on slides as you will see in some of the videos.

Mayan Temple Challenger Slide video 2

Mayan Temple Challenger Slide video 3


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Dolphin videos coming.

Mayan Temple Challenger Slide video 2

Mayan Temple Challenger Slide video 3

Mayan Temple Serpent Slide video 1

Mayan Temple Serpent Slide video 2

The Current Ride video 5

The Current Ride video 1

The Current Ride video 2

The Current Ride video 3

The Current Ride video 4

Large Stingray at Cafe at the Great Hall of Waters







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