Auburn Wins BCS Title Game War Eagle


January 10, 2011

The Auburn Tigers defeated the Oregon Ducks 22-19 with a field goal  that sailed through the uprights with no time left on the clock clinching the SEC's fifth title in a row.

The Southeastern Conference champion solidified the stranglehold that the SEC has in BCS title games which is now extended to 7-0 and champions of the last five BCS titles.

 In what was widely anticipated as a shootout with the over under at 74.5, it was a mild mannered affair with 41 points scored.

Auburn's Wes Byrum last second chip shot meant fans would not be treated the the BCS Title Game's second overtime exhibition.

With less than 2:30 left to go, Cam Newton directed the Auburn Tigers down the field with the hopes of bringing the War Eagle into field goal range.  Running back Michael Dyer had two impressive runs on the last drive.

The first one was a 37 yard gain which unfolded after the Oregon defense thought he was brought down, but replays indicated that Dyer's knee never touched the ground.  Three plays after, Dyer broke through for an apparent touchdown, but this time his knee was down with the ball at the half yard line.

Immediately following the victory, Toomer's Corner in Auburn was filled with the Auburn faithful hurling toilet paper.

War Eagle.

Prior to the game, TCU fans made note that they were the only ones that had victories over two Top 5 teams -- Wisconsin and Utah.  I would counter that Utah may not even be in the final Top 25 when the final poll comes out and Wisconsin was there matchup in the Rose Bowl.  

In all fairness, TCU played a light schedule and had only two top 25 teams on their schedule and both of those won't be in the top 25 when the final poll is released while Auburn played six top 25 teams to qualify for a spot in the BCS title game.

Auburn went undefeated in the tougher division in the most brutal conference in the country -- the SEC.












































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