Allow me to be one of the first to welcome all attendees to New Orleans for the 75th Allstate Sugar Bowl. Congratulations on having your team selected to participate in the bowl being played here on January 2, 2009.  Our city is open for business and is ready to take care of you during your stay.


I put together this guide to New Orleans for those arriving for the January 2008 game to answer some of your questions and to hopefully make your stay here an enjoyable and safe one.  This is not a comprehensive guide, but will answer most questions I have seen recently. (more below)


Getting Here

Hotels     Restaurants

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What Not to Do

Getting to the Game


You can cheer your team on at the Pep Rally in the French Quarter and then again at the Superdome before the game.

First thing before I forget. Please do not fall for the old "I know where you got your shoes scam." The scam is someone comes up to you and says I betcha $20 I can tell you where you got your shoes.  The intrigued tourist says okay and the imbecile says you got them on the streets of New Orleans.  Ignore these people and I believe they left with the Hurricane.

You can pronounce the city by saying either new oar lens or like some locals say it  naw lens (naw rhymes with raw). Don't say new oar leans (like Leaning Tower of Pisa), if you do it will raise red flags.

Thank you again for planning your trip to our fine city!

Getting Here     Hotels     Restaurants     What to Do/What Not to Do

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