Suck It Saban

Destiny Trumps Conspiracy

LSU played 11 on 17 and still chomped the Gators in an unbelievable night at Tiger Stadium. The 17 is Florida's players plus the 6 "umpires."  LSU beats Florida 28-24.

The referees called everything against the LSU Tigers and overlooked two face mask penalties. Florida was charged with two penalties for a total of eight yards versus seven penalties and 61 yards against LSU.

How does the visiting team get all the calls and non-calls to go their way?  I wonder if the refs hate coming to Tiger Stadium in a prisoner's van under police escort.  The newer fans boo the refs when they exit the vans and enter Tiger Stadium.  I tell people don't say anything or at least clap, but why get on their bad side?


The blown call by the side judge on the kickoff where the ref runs to the spot, but does not signal the end of play (WHY?) and LSU has to challenge the call and it was overturned, the defensive pass interference call when the Florida receiver was diving to catch the ball and not falling because he was pushed, the offensive pass interference when it should have been defensive pass interference on Florida, and the worst call of the night to go against the Tigers was the unsportsmanlike call when Tebow was inbounds and waltzing to the sidelines.

If you are not out of bounds and you have the ball, you are tackled.  That is how the game is played.  I hope the refs are penalized by the SEC and not allowed to participate in a few games so they are taught a lesson.  They also missed a 15 yard face mask penalty on Florida twice in the fourth quarter.  I saw the first one from section 421 and the replay confirmed what most in the stadium saw -- a glaring grab and hold of the face mask.  I missed the second face mask on Hester's dive into the endzone because he was in a sea of players.


The picture above though, shows that the Tigers were destined to win.  The 11:06 in the time box is not the amount of time left in the game, but rather real time -- 11:06 pm.


You would think that the home team and number one team in the land would get a few calls their way.  Wouldn't you?


Tim Tebow's antics after scoring in the first quarter and losing the game cost him my Heisman vote.  ESPN reported that he changed his cell number.  Sources tell me that Tim Tebow's new cell phone number is 516-922-WINE >).

In the end, it came down to the Tigers won the game they needed to.



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