Suck It Saban

    ESPN College GameDay 2

College GameDay returned to Baton Rouge for a second time in 2007 this past Saturday. Although fun, it's energy didn't match that of last month's visit for the Va Tech game.

We still had fun, but something was missing.  The Nazi censor for ESPN had too many signs taken down.  I don't know if he was uptight because he was old or he was excited to be in control.

He took away the SUCK IT SABAN sign, two FUSC signs, a "I suck this much" with a picture of arms spread wide, and he got the guy wearing a Suck It Saban purple and gold shirt removed from the inner circle after being there for about 5 minutes and he wasn't even holding a sign!

There were several signs that he missed like the Tebow loves Coach Urban Meyer with the C, U, and M very distinctive and under each other.  I think he was just dizzy from all the signs and the heat.  He wasn't use to it.  

The ESPN guy got the guys holding the huge bedsheets (the Zito for Heisman and LSU's D jacked up on Mountain Dew dudes) attached to the poles to take down one of their signs -- forgot what the sign said. They explained that Zito was a friend of theirs. They went to a lot of trouble to put signs up.

To clarify, it was the ESPN censor that had signs removed or taken down and not the State Troopers.  I don't think they cared either way and they shouldn't. I even saw one of the FUSC dudes get taken away by a State Trooper, but that had something to do with spitting and ripping the sign and throwing it at him.  The FUSC signs were there last time and no one cared either way about it.

I think someone needs to tell the censor guy to get over it.  This ain't the St. Louis Cathedral or the Vatican, it's a college campus, and the show is going out on CABLE. Besides I've heard the GameDay guys say the F word on the show and when they were announcing the Miss St/LSU game.

There was something magical missing in this edition of GameDay or maybe the magic was being saved for later that night in Tiger Stadium.  That's okay.

I liked this Tebow = Overrated sign a lot.

Too bad no one had Tebow is a big fat cry baby.  That would have been priceless and very Nostradamus.

Perhaps having a picture of Johnny Carson as Carnac holding the envelope to his head and saying "Tebow" and turn the sign around with Carnac reading the contents of the envelope "who will cry at the end of the game and embarrass himself, his team, and the nation." I guess that is a bit much to put on a sign.  For those of you that are thinking -- who is Johnny Carson, forget it or go wiki him.

Not ready to discuss signs for ESPN's next visit to the LSU campus which could happen for the Auburn game in a couple of weeks. No reason to let the ESPN crowd what your going to do before you do it.

Not all that surprised to see Alabama almost blow it to Houston because Saban sucks.






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