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Don't forget your ticket! If you are driving in from the burbs then go to mapquest to get directions.  I highly suggest that you leave several hours before kickoff so that you can find a parking spot on the street that is free or be prepared to pay around $30.00 for off street parking. Either way there will be tons of traffic.

If you are staying in a hotel on St. Charles, then take the streetcar in if you are not close to Lee Circle (on the western portion of the map).

Insider's Tip on Parking for free and without the hassle: If you are coming in from the burbs or surrounding area, go west on St. Charles Ave and find a spot there to park and take the streetcar in.  It is better than trying to deal with the traffic around the dome.  Type in mapquest search for directions to 3500 St. Charles Ave Zip is 70115  from your location.  Then drive in and look for a spot to park.

If you are staying in the Warehouse District or the French Quarter, then walk yourself to Poydras, and head north using the map below.  If you do this, the Superdome will be on your left.  You can't miss it.

You can also just follow the masses of fans headed to the Dome, but you visited this site so you can find out what to do.

It might seem like a long walk, but it isn't bad at all.  Visitors rave over how close and compact everything is.  Besides, you can always get a drink(s) at a bar along the way.  Don't forget about the go cups we mentioned earlier.

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You might even pass one or two of these Lucky Dog Hot Dog stands on your way to the game.


Mother's restaurant is located on Poydras a block or two from Harrah's casino.po-boy. My only gripe about this place is that the seafood Po-boys are so over priced $10.00 and up for a regular size.  Not to confuse the aforementioned dressed issue, but at Mother's dressed means shredded cabbage, pickles, mayo, Creole and yellow mustards.  You've been warned..




Heads up: The Superdome is on this map, but it isn't marked.  It is the beige shaded area north of the New Orleans Centre in the northwest corner of the map.

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