This past Saturday night in Tiger Stadium was very special.  Fans, the noise level was incredible. CBS reported it got to 115 decibels after announcing the USC loss.  You were so loud that you drowned out the band on many occasions and I am a huge fan of the great Golden Band fromTigerland. It got louder than 115 decibels in the 4th quarter.

We were in the southwest corner and we had to take our chanting cues from watching the student section hand movements.

 Anyone Louder than this Guy in TS

I don't know how Tim Tebow could be heard by his teammates when he called plays in the huddle.  The ball snap was initiated by slapping his hands together.

I have to go on record and state that it wasn't this loud for the Middle Tennessee State game.  Imagine that.

The video for how loud it was.  My ears were ringing an hour after the game ended!

All the props to the student section for this game. Some have been critical of their intensity.  Well folks, they brought their A game this night.  This guy in the picture was pretty loud too, for a country boy.

That is why we are giving him a special shout out for being the man in the stands (for his row). Next time we see him, we'll buy him a beverage.

It was so loud in the stadium that I still heard trailing chants in my car an hour after I left the stadium.  

My friend suggested ear plugs before the game.  I told him, "ear plugs!  I don't need no stinkin' ear plugs! Man!"  I might have to reconsider the ear plug idea for Tiger Stadium against another SEC foe.

Go Tigahs and oh yeah, suck it saban.

   Suck It Saban

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