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Tigers Fall In Triple OT

Another adrenaline rush in Kentucky this past Saturday.  Alas, there was no Bluegrass Miracle this time. Kentucky stunned the former Number 1 team in Lexington.

Picking up where LSU left off the prior week, the Tigers suffered through penalties (12 for 103 yards) in the regular session and in overtime.  They are the second most penalized time in the conference.  The Tigers couldn't shake poor play by the receivers.  Brandon Lefell dropped six passes in the game.

The Tigers benefited from RB Charles Scott's explosive play in the first half, but he didn't get many carries in the second half and was the ball carrier on the ill-fated fourth down play that ended the game in triple overtime .

Ryan Perilloux was MIA in overtime and wasn't used in heavy rotation in the second half.

LSU still controls their destiny and is currently tied atop the SEC West standings with Auburn and Alabama which coincidently are the Tiger's next two opponents.

Early Doucet made an appearance in overtime, but he was not thrown to.  Either he was used on the play as a decoy or Coach Miles is trying to throw off Auburn by getting them to prepare for a stud receiver that may not line up next week against them.

We'll see later this week.


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