Les Miles Meets with Michigan on Monday 


January 10, 2011

At noon LSU Head Coach Les Miles held a press conference following Patrick Peterson's announcement that the highly praised defensive athlete would turn pro.

At Coach Miles' press conference there were no questions allowed by the media.  Coach Miles said that he had not nor had his representation been in contact with the University of Michigan.  

He did say that it is his understanding that his former employer wanted to meet with him, but a date had not been set. He also said, "it's hard for me to speculate to the substance of the meeting."  I think most find it very easy to guess what they want to discuss.

He was clear at the press conference that he is very comfortable in Tiger Town as is his family.

Well the meeting that was rumored to take place later in the week and no sooner than Tuesday, actually took place later on Monday.

Following the meeting, Michigan AD David Brandon went back to the Baton Rouge airport to return home on a private jet. The AD back in Ann Arbor earlier this evening with no new coach in tow.

Les Miles is scheduled to make a presentation tomorrow in Dallas at the annual convention of  the American Football Coaches Association.

There is a scheduled meeting for the Big Blue football team early Tuesday evening.

Les Miles had dinner with his wife and his agent at the Voo Doo BBQ after meeting with Michigan AD David Brandon -- is that an omen?































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