Suck It Saban

Lexington is Detroit South

AP reported that more than 20 people were arrested in disturbances after Kentucky defeated LSU this past Saturday.

People had bonfires in driveways (look out Texas A & M, Kentucky is ready to take your tradition) and set couches ablaze.  I thought they only set couches on fire in Detroit and that is after winning a championship.  These guys do it for winning a game.  As OJ would say "Look Out!"  

The bulk of the arrests were for trespassing, alcohol intoxication, and disorderly conduct. The trespassing charges stemmed from folks running onto the field after the game.  These Kentucky fans have a penchant for doing so (see Bluegrass miracle).

I expect that this will lead to a fine by the SEC for allowing this.  The warning at every LSU game is to not run on the field after the game because the university will suffer a severe financial penalty.

Let's hope that the SEC levies the penalty in a swift manner.


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