Pictures LSU Tiger Band, Golden Girls, and Color Guard on Gameday

Links to other LSU videos from this event are on this page

Video links from 11/08/08 below this text. Pictures of the LSU Marching Band, LSU Golden Girls, and Color Guard are in a slideshow format above. These pics were taken on Gameday November 8, 2008.

Videos of LSU Tiger Band at ESPN College Gameday

Pregame in HD

First Down Cheer in HD

First Down Cheer in standard definition

Second Down Cheer Extended version in standard definition

Hey Baby in HD

Hey Baby in standard definition

Hey Fighting Tigers in HD

Hey Fighting Tigers in standard definition

Neck in standard definition

Touchdown! in HD

Touchdown in standard definition

First Down Cheer the second time they played it in HD

First Down Cheer the second time they played it in standard defintion





More videos from that day all shot in standard definition

Pregame band view Down the Hill outside Tiger Stadium

Touchdown in Tiger Stadium Band view

Pregame in the PMAC

Hey Fighting Tigers in the PMAC

First Down Cheer in the PMAC

LSU Trumpet Line Warmup







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