The great food you eat here will be something you remember about your stay in New Orleans. We live to eat down here.  You will want to try gumbo, jambalya (jum buh lie uh), a po-boy, a muffuletta, beignets, shrimp remoulade, souffle potatoes with bearnaise, fried oysters, and now I'm hungry

Below please find a list of restaurants in the two parts of town most fans will be staying -- French Quarter and the Warehouse District. The list includes cuisine and ranking.  

You don't have to break the bank to get great food. The lists above will serve you well as long as you remember what areas you should not venture to.  The one time you can break the rule is on game day we will give the green light to walk down Canal and take a left on Rampart then take a right on Poydras to get to the Superdome or like most call it here -- the dome.

If you want to go to a 4 star restaurant on the list or Commander's Palace which is not on the list because it is outside the two areas listed above, but certainly worth a visit, then please call NOW to make a reservation. 

I would suggest the French Quarter landmark Galatoire's for your trip here and try some of these appetizers and salad: godchaux (god chaw) salad (get the large to share with everyone at the table), crabmeat maison, shrimp remoulade, and souffle potatoes that comes with bernaise. The drinks are strong.  Seating on the downstairs portion is a first come, first served basis. They do take reservations for the second floor. Locals go to the first floor to see and be seen. They are closed on Mondays. Wearing a jacket is required for dinner and all day Sunday, but you can borrow a jacket from the rack.  They take credit cards.

Port of Call is another local favorite for their cheese burgers, potatoes (no fries), and Monsoon -- a drink that will knock your socks off. I doubt most reading it here can drink two without seriously pacing themselves.  They have a jukebox that is always playing some sweet tunes. During the slow tourist season of summer, the wait can be an hour or more. No worries, that's what the monsoons are for to help you pass the time. I suggest getting there for lunch about 15-20 minutes before they open so you don't have to wait. If you are pressed for time and can find a spot at the bar, then eat it there. A Burger comes with or without cheese and with a potato. It runs about ten bucks.

Like all other Poí Boys, the most important ingredient isnít the filling (although that is important as well, donít get me wrong), but the bread. New Orleans Poí Boy Bread, or Long Bread is light in the center with a wonderful flaky crust. It is almost impossible to find outside of New Orleans, which is why Iím working on a recipe for it, the one in the photo is my 3rd draft,

The next three places are located on Decatur which is the street that is up against the Mississippi River.

Cafe du Monde is not technically a restaurant, but locals and tourists alike go there to eat beignets (ben yea rhymes with hay) and coffee. The beignet is a donut without a hole and comes with powdered sugar and you can add more if you are a junkie.  This place is located steps from the river and across the street from Jackson Square.  It is super cheap.

Cafe Maspero's is a place to get super big sandwiches to fill you up.  This is another place where there is a long wait to get in. Moderately priced. It's located a couple of blocks away from Cafe du Monde.

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Crescent City Brewhouse is another place I would go.  They brew their own beer on site (!) and they serve pretty good food. They have a balcony so you can see the fans walking below in the French Quarter and you can see ships pass by on the river from the view.

Commit the photo below to memory.  The Lucky Dog Hot Dog stand is certainly not a restaurant, but you should have one after you've been partying most of the night and your stomach is yelling to be fed. Don't worry these stands are all over the French Quarter.


Since I am not sure what everyone's budget is, I would take the list of restaurants from above and look up their menus so that you stay research and stay in budget.

You asked about Po-Boys.  The simple answer is it's kind of like a subway sandwich, but it is the bread that makes it.  Plus you aren't going to get a fried oyster sub, fried soft shell crab, or a Ferdi (Mother's restaurant's signature po-boy with roast beef and ham and debris) at Subway.

Insider's Tip 1 When you are asked if you would like your po-boy dressed, say yes or no. Don't give her the puzzled look tourists give.  Dressed means putting lettuce, mayo, and tomato on your po-boy. If you this combination then go up to the counter or to the waitress and tell them you would like xyz po-boy dressed.  Presto you have to be a local to talk like that!


Insider's Tip 2 Don't asked for the muffuletta dressed. It isn't made that way and you will have lost all credibility. More on the muff later.



Heads up: The Superdome is on this map, but it isn't marked.  It is the beige shaded area north of the New Orleans Centre in the northwest corner of the map.

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