Suck It Saban

ESPN College Game Day Prediction for 11/3/07 Broadcast


I have pretty good with my hunches on where ESPN College GameDay will broadcast.

I don't know how you guys are leaning, but my guess is they will be in Tuscaloooosa this Saturday.  Usually I do some research and check out the schedule and some other proprietary stuff goes into the prognastication, but not this time.

There really isn't any other choice.  The only two ways ESPN does not broadcast from Alabama:

1. They figure there's no good food over there and figure why chance it.  They might have learned their lesson from the UGA - Bama coverage.

2. They will want to promote the game broadcast on ABC.

Don't see how they can pass this one up with all the hype, the back stories, and rivalry.

I'll drop a quick note once it is confirmed.

Besides we can't wait to see how many Suck It Saban signs will be at the broadcast and make it on air like last time.

Everyone knows how much Saban Sucks.


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