Suck It Saban

Inside 24 Hours to Kickoff


Well, well, well.  What we've been waiting for since that fateful day -- January 3, 2007.  The day Saban announced he had accepted the job as 'Bama's coach -- exactly ten months ago. The same day that LSU destroyed Notre Dame in the Allstate Sugar Bowl.

He confirmed what most Tiger fans knew since the rumors ciruculated in November of 2006. He was simply posturing for a better contract (money) by denying that he would be the Alabama coach.










Nick Saban had a history of angling for more money from LSU since season two.  He always said the NFL was making offers, so LSU threw more money at him to forget the pro money.

When Dolphin owner Wayne Huizenga offered him more money and control of the Dolphins a few years later, Saban took the five year deal

Saban speaks of honor, commitment to the team, and to one's self.  Funny, those values he preaches don't apply to him.  If they did, then he would be guiding the Miami Dolphins. He failed to honor his commitment to them and he was in no danger of being fired by the Dolphins either.

He knew that Alabama is a big LSU rival and now that he is the coach there, this game just became exponentially bigger. He took the job because of the money, that is all this guy is about.  If Miami, Michigan, or Penn State offered him five million a year guaranteed, he would say -- "see ya, wouldn't want to be ya 'Bama."

The only way this game could be on a larger scale is if it were being played in Tiger Stadium.  That's what next year is for. This moment is still ours.

It all boils down to a simple fact -- if you ain't a Tigah, you are Tiger Bait.

Which means the Tiger faithful will join in unison to cheer Tiger Bait!

All the more reason to say Suck It Saban.


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