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We have tons of LSU videos and pictures on this site for you to enjoy. We recently added the Tiger Band performances from Tigerama in a separate Tigerama video section. There you will find 21 videos from the annual Department of Bands event Tigerama -- LSU Tiger Marching Band, LSU Wind Ensemble, and LSU Symphonic Winds videos from Tigerama.

We also have videos and pictures of the LSU Tiger Band  and LSU Golden Girls  with Cheerleaders performing at the BCS Pep Rallies --  Fan Fest in French Quarter and Fan Jam at Supdome on Game Day.

The LSU Tiger Band marched in Rex on Mardi Gras day 2008 and the LSU Football team rode in Bacchus. The LSU Band, LSU Golden Girls, and Color Guard performed several songs and marched to others while on St. Charles Avenue on that picture perfect day..  The videos of those performances are found here.

We also have videos of the LSU Pep Band also known as the LSU Bengal Brass that plays at the basketball games.  They played at the tailgate party held for the LSU Women's Basketball team before they played in the 2008 Regionals.  LSU Lady Tigers keeping the Drive for Five alive.

In the LSU Cheerleader video section you will find this spirit unit leading the crowd. Sometimes you'll even see them with your favorite mascot like this video of Mike the Tiger Coming  at You with the LSU Cheerleaders video  

In the LSU Band, LSU Golden Girls, and Color Guard video section you'll see The Golden Band from Tiger Land performing your favorite tunes.

In the LSU Football video section you will see your various videos like your Team Coming Down the Hill.

In the LSU Students video section you will find clips of LSU students outside and in Tiger Stadium. Below is an example of students outside of Tiger Stadium. (continued below)

LSU Students at ESPN College Game Day cheer over Lee Corso picking the Tigers video

The videos found on are a better quality than you will find on Youtube. We do have a few videos that are linked to Youtube because the subject matter on those videos are appropriate. If your internet speed connection is not that great, then please be patient for the videos to load..  They are worth the wait.

A few videos and pics deal with the modern day Benedict Arnold -- Nick Saban.  Most of the pictures are from football games, outside Tiger Stadium, and of The Golden Band from Tiger Land.  Same thing with the videos -- LSU Golden Girls, LSU Band, Color Guard, LSU fans enjoying themselves at games. I also have  great shots from both ESPN's College GameDay visits and one of these two guys that I call the white pimp daddies..

Above are links to almost all of the videos. There might be a few found in the article archives that we forgot about.


LSU Down the Hill video  -- a crowd favorite

Cajun LSU Cheer video from outside Tiger Stadium with the LSU cheerleaders

Hey Fighting Tigers video from inside Tiger Stadium. LSU Golden Girls, Color Guard, and Band.

Someone say Tiger Bait? -- silly fan thinks people are cheering for him and he responds by dancing.

Whereas you may be hard pressed to make out people with videos found on Youtube, you can actually see people's faces on our videos with our special player.

Some have written to thank us for the  videos. They explained that it helped them get in that GameDay mode whether it is Wednesday or Saturday.


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