Suck It Saban

South Florida Falls


Well what do you know. The #2 team loses for the third straight week and we didn't have to wait till the weekend.

First it was USC, then Cal, and now USF and it all happened on CSI/ER night.

Rutgers got on the board first with Jeremy Ito's 36 yeard field goal, but the Bulls responded  and went into halftime with a 17-13 lead. The Scarlet Knights responded with a big third quarter and held on to win 30-27.

Rutgers stole a few pages from the Les Miles playbook by using some trickery to bring down the most recent number two team in the land -- a 15 yard TD pass off a fake field goal by the third string quarterback and a fake punt which led to a field goal.

Earlier in the week, I wrote that USF had the easiest road of the top 4 teams in the country to the title game and I even snickered at Rutgers.  A thousand apologies to the Scarlet Knight faithful. I also countered  that you have to earn the invitation to the BCS.

USF had twice as many penalties than Rutgers and for two and a half times the yeards.  Their only fourth down attempt came with less than a minute left in the game and the Bull's Matt Groethe was intercepted on 4th-and-37. Rutgers was able to sack him seven times, but Groethe was still able to string out 247 yards in the air and 58 by foot.

All hail the State University of New Jersey!


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