In case you missed it, Tim Tebow was seen crying on the field after losing to the No. 1 Team in the nation.

The video of Tebow crying at LSU.  Saban, your crying video will be here in less than a month because Nick Saban Sucks.

To paraphrase the two time Oscar winning actor Tom Hanks from his movie A League of Their Own, "Are you crying?! There's No Crying in the SEC!"

Tim Tebow was seen on CBS, Cox Sports Television, by several dozen photographers, and by over 90,000 Tiger fans crying after his Hail Mary pass failed and it was game over for the Florida Gators.

Where was Artie Lange ( when you need him?  "Waaahhh, we just lost the game and I'm a big fat baby, I mean, I'm Tim Tebow."

Tim Tebow's action towards the student section in the first half and crying after losing just cost him my Heisman vote.  I can see crying after winning the national championship, but this when the refs do their best to hand the Gators the game?  No Sir.

So far, I 've only seen video of him crying on Youtube, but no images. Yet.

We'll keep looking.

Until next time, Go Tigahs and oh yeah, suck it saban.

Suck It Saban

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