Suck It Saban

Here is the video of a Super Fan holding the infamous SUCK IT SABAN sign behind Saban's shoulder while he was being interviewed on ESPN College GameDay.  This gentlemen got the sign on twice.  I am working on getting just the exact spots for you to view instead of sitting through the entire spot, but you can fast forward the clip.

In the meantime, please view the youtube spot.  Forward to 7:50 or -2:05 mark depending on your viewer to see the first brief spot. Saban is speaking at that moment and 5 seconds later you can hear Corso laughing.  My guess is he saw the Suck It Saban sign on his monitor

Second and better view of the Suck It Saban sign or just The Sign is at the 8:22 or -1:32 mark and it is on air for 10 seconds.  Priceless.



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