Carnac the Magnificient on Alabama vs LSU 

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O seer, sage , all knowing all seeing Carnac the Magnificient! Sim sala bim.

Carnac the Magnificent will weigh in on the Alabama LSU football game as he ascertains the answers before seeing the questions in the envelope.

Answer: Donald Trump's tie

What's fifteen inches long and hangs in front of an ass?

Answer: Touchback

What should you do if a LSU Golden Girl touches you?

Answer: He was on duty

Why were the policeman's shoes all brown? Yeah, I'd boo that one too.

A homer and triple, a catcher and fielder glove, and Christina Hendricks

Name two big hits, two big mitts, and two big ....




We were able to conjure up the spirit of Carnac the Magnificent to get his take on the Alabama vs LSU game. Not familiar with Carnac see below.Carnac the Magnificent Bama LSU football prediction

and the Final Envelope.

Answer: A Virgin, One Sober Fan, and an Alabama win. Click for the question









Carnac the Magnificent was a character played by late night legend Johnny Carson.  In the skit Ed McMahon would hand the envelope to a costumed Johnny Carson. Carnac would hold an envelope to his head revealing what the answer was to the question in the envelope.  After stating the answer, he would  rip open the envelope and reveal the question. Some were racy for their time and the skits were generally hilarious. Youtube it.

For our purposes,  the envelopes have been hermetically sealed and kept in a mayo jar on Nick Saban's porch since earlier today.




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