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Latest Update  I was probably one of the few people that watched That Morning Show on E!. I say this because after it went off the air in mid-November of 2009, I couldn't find anything on it when I did a search.

For those that are curious, the word is that That Morning Show is on hiatus  Latest Update.  This is what I was told when I called the Chase-it phone number to inquire about the show on the first full day that the show wasn't broadcast.. The operator told me it was on hiatus and that was all she knew.  She then asked me if I was interested in buying any gift cards from Chaseit.

I was also told it was on hiatus when I called the production company.  The cancel status was shared to me by one of the on air personalities.

The timing of when That Morning Show went off the air was suspect.  The show used the sale of gift cards through Chase-it instead of  traditional commercials.  Why go off the air when you are on the cusp of the biggest purchasing window for gift cards (the holiday season)? Chase-it billed itself as the only authorized gift retailer on tv.  More on that below. Gift cards are popular and more of them are purchased during the four week time period after Thanksgiving than any other four week period.

The way it was taken off seemed kind of odd. As I remember it, when That Morning Show last aired on E!, they showed part of the show that aired from 6-9 am eastern. Instead of showing the last hour of the program, E! aired one of their True Hollywood Stories (THS).  I thought it was strange since the program guide on the remote still showed That Morning Show being on deck for that hour.  I also fast forwarded to the following day and it displayed That Morning Show would be there the following day.

I figured it was a scheduling goof on E!'s part because the tweets coming from That Morning Show for that day acted as if the show was on the air for that last hour.  One of the show's tweets also mentioned guests that were scheduled to appear the following day.  The following day contained tweets as if they were on air, but I found it odd since at least the east coast couldn't see the show.

I don't know if the program will return in a reformatted  rendition on E!, on another network, or if it will return at all.  As it stands now, the show was on air for just under two months.  That Morning Showlaunched on the E! network on September 14, 2009 and the last show aired the week of November 9th 2009. (continued page 2)

















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