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Fight for LSU - School Fight Song

Like Knights of old, Let's fight to hold
The glory of the Purple Gold.
Let's carry through, Let's die or do
To win the game for dear old LSU.
Keep trying for that high score;
Come on and fight,
We want some more, some more.
Come on you Tigers, Fight! Fight! Fight!
for dear old L-S-U.

(Repeat Verse)

We are the strongest,
We are the bravest
Football team in history.
Here's to the honor, Here's to the glory
Marching on to victory.
Cheer for the Tigers! Cheer for the Tigers!
Tigers! Fight! Fight! Fight!

(Repeat Original Verse)

This is LSU's official fight song which many mistakenly believe to be  Hey Fighting Tigers.  The fight song is played often during football games - most notably when the band is in a tunnel formation and the football team comes onto the field, at the end of the pregame performance, upon extra point conversions, and successful field goal attempts. Often times at the end of it's halftime performance the band plays Fight for LSU while exiting the field.

Fight for LSU video.

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