Lyrics to LSU Songs

Hey Fightin' Tigers

Hey, Fightin' Tigers, Fight all the way.

Hey, Fightin' Tigers, win the game today.

You've got the know how,

You're doing fine,

Hang on to the ball as you hit the wall

And smash right through the line.

You've got to go for a touchdown.

Run up the score.

Make Mike the Tiger stand right up and roar.


Give it all of your might as you fight tonight

and keep the goal in view.

Victory for L-S-U!

LSU obtained the exclusive rights to the song "Hey, Look Me Over" and changed the lyrics to the tune to Hey Fightin' Tigers. Usually the band plays the verse once and then you sing the second time around.  Some people mistakenly sing the words the moment they hear the melody.

This song is mistaken for the fight song which happens to be Fight for LSU lyrics

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