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Whistle Monsta Saints fan

New Orleans Saints super fan Whistle Monster pictured above

For those that have wondered who is the Whistle Man, the ultra Saints Fan that wears a giant black and gold whistle on his head, his real name is Leroy Mitchell.

He prefers the nickname of Whistle Monsta or for those non Who Dats -- Whistle Monster.  Many refer to him as the whistle dude or whistle man since they aren't sure what to call him.

His costume, that he wears to every Saints home game, (pictured above) consists of a Saints jersey like number 55 Scott Fujita, football pants, black and gold helmet with facemask, and attached to the helmet the giant whistle.  Oh yeah, he also paints his face black and gold.

The Whistle Monsta sits in the plaza section of the Louisiana Superdome in section 111 -- the visitor's sideline.

His whistle is functional.  He claims that it can get up to 123 decibels. That is louder than an airplane at takeoff!

Leroy is no Johnny come lately. He has been the Whistle Monster since the early 90s.

He was born the same year the New Orleans Saints first played football.

I sit in a different section, but I can only imagine how crazy it gets in section 111 after the Saints score a touchdown and the Ying Yang Twins song comes on  "Stand Up and Get Crunk."

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