Buying BCS Tickets on Game Day  (more LSU videos & Pictures)

As the  BCS football game between Notre Dame and Alabama draws near, I think back about the ordeal of securing tickets. Quick note:2013 BCS Tickets have been going for $900.00 all day and now prices have dropped to $800.00 for the lower corner.

For the 2012 BCS game between Alabama and LSU, I tried getting tickets at the  BCS Ticket Giveaway.  I also kept a watchful eye on stubhub and ebay.  Never think about buying tickets on craigslist unless you prefer buying fake tickets and don't buy on the street unless you know what you are doing.

Between Christmas and the day before the BCS game, tickets were going for $1,200.00 each.  There were some transactions that went for $900.00.  Keep in mind that these were all in the nosebleed section.

Conventional wisdom holds that tickets on gameday go down the closer you get to game time since the ticket is an expiring asset. I kept track of tickets all day on stubhub.

I never saw a saw any ticket go for less than $1,000.00. Most went for at least $1,175.00 -$1,400.00 that day. Keep in mind that we are talking about per ticket.

I found out ahead of time that stubhub planeed on closing ticket buying at kickoff.  They had a pick up location at the Hyatt Regency right next door to the Superdome.  I figured I could pick up tickets about an hour before at a discounted rate. Wrong!

Imagine my disappointment as I approached  the stubhub office at the Hyatt to see 30 people milling aboutoutside  and the same number inside staring at ticket prices on the screen.

I convinced myself that these people would pay to get in the game  and eventually I would be the only one left and prices would fall in my favor. The old supply and demand.

Outside of the stubhub office I noticed a gentlemen with a briefcase and a phone.  He told me he had multiple listings on stubhub and could give me a discount if I bought directly from him which would bypass the stubhub service fees and commissions (and the stubhub buyer's protection).  The price was still over $1,000.00 per ticket.

I am sure he is at tonight's game set up outside of stubhub's office trying to sell BCS Alabama Notre Dame football tickets.

With about 10 minutes left before kickoff, tickets dropped to 900.00 a ticket and I was sure my patience was about to pay off.  As I was trying to stop from congratulating my brilliance, ticket prices kept moving -- in the wrong direction.  They moved back to $1,100, then 1,200, and $1,400.00. It was like the tulip mania reincarnated.

I spoke with the manager at stubhub and he said they would close it all up one hour after kickoff. 15 minutes after kickoff, prices stayed locked at $1,400.00. I also saw premium seats listed for $2,200.00. Those prices stayed locked at that price.

Frustrated with the experience, I made my way to the car to get to a viewing party. I checked again and discovered none of the listings sold.  With 3 minutes left before stubhub closed up buying and selling for the BCS game, one of the tickets listed for $800.00.  I can't imagine buying a ticket an hour after kickoff to get in the game and paying that much money.

Sure enough, one hour after kickoff there were no results when I searched stubhub for 2012 bcs tickets.


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