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Buying BCS Tickets can be a frustrating ordeal. Scalpers and forgers are out in full force.

While waiting outside the stubhub office to buy tickets to the Alabama LSU BCS game, a Bama fan told me he tried buying tickets for $600.00 a piece.  He explained that he looked at the tickets that a nervous seller was offering.

The tickets in his estimation looked  good enough to him and there was even a hologram on it. Sonn after he purchased them, he found out that there were fake.

He was enraged and started driving around. As luck would have it, he found the person that sold him the fake tickets. He explained to him in simple terms that he would have no problem putting him in the hospital if he didn't hand over his $1,200.00.

The fake ticket seller handed the guy $1,200.00 and the now happy buyer threw the tickets in the low life's face. Unfortunately the buyer was still out $1,200.00. The money he was given was counterfeit.

This is a reason why should only buy tickets from a legitimate source like the university ticket office. Stubhub and ebay offer buyers protection, but you have to complete the transaction on their website.

As mentioned on this site, there were many tales of Auburn fans buying online on Ebay from user Events Worldwide whom sent an email to buyers four days prior to the BCS game that they would not be receiving the tickets.  Refunds were issued, but most of those fans already had spent thousands in non-fundable airfare and hotel reservations. This left many still committed to seeing the game in person scrambling for BCS tickets

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