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LSU will play Alabama in the BCS Championship game. After the pairing for the game was official fans for both schools have been scrambling for tickets.

A quick glance on stubhub showed the cheapest seats are available for $1,350.00 per ticket a couple of hours after the participants were officially revealed. This doesn't include hotel, airfare, and dining.

Some listings on stubhub and other ticket broker sites might show the tickets located in  the Terrace section, the nose bleed section, with no Section and or Row number listed. There is nothing shady about this.  The holder of the ticket was a lucky investor who purchased rights for the tickets in the hopes that their team would make it to the game.

Ticket prices for the BCS title game do fluctate from year to year with the economy and location of the game playing as strong variables in the ticket price.

The last time the BCS Championship game was played in New Orleans on January 7, 2008, the least expensive tickets were offered on stubhub for $1,150.00.

There was a frenzy for tickets in the New Orleans - Baton Rouge areas as well as in Columbus, Ohio the first 10 days after the pairing for the game was announced.  

Prices settled to less than $1,000.00 a ticket  by Christmas and on gameday some tickets were available for $700.00.  

The thinking this time around is LSU and Alabama fans will have more money to spend on tickets since they might not have to spend as much on travel since it is a close drive for both fan bases.

When Texas squared off against Southern Cal in the BCS title game on January 4, 2006, tickets were more expense than they are now.  The economy was better then, both instiutions were big money schools, and USC was playing in their back yard.

Around the stadium, scalpers were asking and getting $1,500.00 per ticket with less than 30 minutes to kickoff.

I expect ticket prices to go for about $1,000.00 per ticket on game day. I would prefer to have the ticket in hand instead of buying off the street due to counterfeit ticket concerns. One fan reported to have paid over $12,000.00 for tickets to the Oregon vs Auburn game only to discover at the gate that the tickets were worthless.  With stubhub and ebay there is a buyer's protection.  A dozen people were arrested in Arizona for allegedly selling fake tickets for the BCS game in January 2011.

Buying online can be tricky even if you buy from established ticket brokers or high reputation sellers on ebay. One only has to look to last year's BCS game with Auburn versus Oregon.  Stubhub pulled all tickets for the game with the cheapest seat in the house going for north of two grand.

The online ticket broker offered some of its online users a full refund plus a separate renumeration for their trouble with some offers of over $2,500 per ticket.

There were many tales of Auburn fans buying online on Ebay from user Events Worldwide whom sent an email to buyers four days prior to the BCS game that they would not be receiving the tickets.  Refunds were issued, but most of those fans already had spent thousands in non-fundable airfare and hotel reservations. This left many still committed to seeing the game in person scrambling for BCS tickets

Another point worth noting is that many ticket brokers have a  practice where they will have your purchased tickets delivered no earlier than 5 days prior to game day or you can pick up the tickets at a designated location in the host city no earlier than three games prior to kickoff.  This is to prevent you from competing with the ticket brokers and trying to resell your tickets to someone else for a profit.


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